Minbeom Kim


Hi! I am a Ph.D student at Seoul National University. I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Kyomin Jung. Previously, I received B.E. degrees from KAIST. I have also interned at NAVER AI LAB for controlled text generation, advised by Hwaran Lee.

In my Ph.D. course, my research question is as follows: “How can we guarantee generations that are aligned with personalized preferences and controlled under hard constraints while still preserving pre-aligned general preferences from generative foundation models?” While novel training methods might offer a potential solution, I believe that controlling the generation at the decoding-time is a more suitable approach for practical, real-world applications. This path presents significant challenges. We need to understand both the theoretical issues and the empirical effects of adjusting pre-aligned models to accommodate new personal values or hard constraints. Based on this fundamental understanding, I must investigate how to manipulate the distribution at the decoding-time to obtain the desired generations. Although it looks deeply challenging, I am enjoying this journey and am looking forward to the new insights it will bring.😎


Mar 14, 2024 LifeTox was accepted at NAACL 2024 as Oral Presentation. See you in Mexico! 🌮
Mar 11, 2024 I joined Naver Labs Europe as a research intern. 🏔️
Nov 17, 2023 I’m invited to give a presentation on AI Retreat 2023 Fall.
Nov 14, 2023 Our new preprint LifeTox is out. Stay tuned for the code, model, and dataset!
Jun 09, 2023 CriticControl got accepted to ACL 2023 Findings Spotlights! Codes and Slides are also available.


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